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We Oppose Measure A

Measure A is Deeply Flawed with Severe Consequences for Anaheim

“I had to engage rather than sit on the sidelines and watch Anaheim become the next LA. This special interest policy to benefit only a few at such a great cost to so many, is based on nothing more than political favoritism and has to be stopped. It is time our leaders remember to govern for all of us.”

- Sara Catalan, President of the Orange County Taxpayers Association

“We have to defeat this special-interest proposal. It harms workers, businesses, and the city. We risk our community and its future just so an LA based special interest can get its way.”

- Paul Kott, President of Paul Kott Realtors, who has sold Anaheim properties for 41 years

“Giving voters the opportunity to throw out this self-serving union proposal that jeopardizes our city, our small businesses and our livelihoods, is very much welcomed. City voters must send a strong signal that there is no place in Anaheim for UniteHere’s desire to gut revenue for city services, family-owned businesses and workers.”

- Greg Eisenman, General Manager of the family-owned Tropicana Inn and the Camelot Inn

“If this proposal is successful, we all lose. Not just right now, but for a long time as the negative impact of this measure will be an immediate gut punch for tourism and hospitality that undermines funds that ensure our city can operate.”

- Dara Maleki, Owner of Anaheim-based The Pizza Press with 20 locations nationally

"This special interest proposal is extremely risky and should be rejected by Anaheim voters. Measure A will jeopardize critical quality of life services throughout the city."

- Council Member Jose Diaz 

“These proposed regulations, if implemented, will have devastating consequences for wages across the entire hospitality industry in Anaheim. A threat to the Anaheim tourism industry is a threat to all of us.”

- Matt Sutton, SVP of Government Affairs and Public Policy for the California Restaurant Association

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